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Lily Lake Services
Wauconda, Illinois
(847) 526-8600

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Articles of Agreement Between Lily Lake Storage and Lessee

A. Lessee expressly agrees and covenants with Lessor; 

(1) that Lessee will not use said premises for an unlawful purpose; 

(2) that Lessee will pay the rent each month as it becomes due by recurring credit card; 

(3) that Lessee will maintain a current address and contact information with Lessor;

 (4) that Lessee will keep said premises in good condition (usual wear and depreciation excepted); 

(5) that Lessee will not store explosives or highly inflammable material or goods on said premise;

(6) that Lessee will at his expense obtain his own insurance, if any, on the property stored on said premises, and the Lessor shall not be responsible for damage or theft, if any, to said property caused by fire, water, freezing, or from any cause whatever; Landlord does not have any obligation to carry insurance on Lessee’s property stored in the premises; IF LESSEE DESIRES TO HAVE HIS PROPERTY COVERED BY INSURANCE, LESSEE MUST OBTAIN HIS OWN INSURANCE; 

(7) that Lessor shall have the right to enter into and upon said premises at reasonable times for the purpose of inspecting the condition thereof; 

(8) that Lessee acknowledges that no heat or cooling will be provided or furnished to such storage room at any time. 

B. Lessee represents to Landlord:  

(1) that all personal property to be stored by Lessee in the storage unit will belong to Lessee and no other person having any right, title or interest in such property; 

(2) that Lessee will not make any alterations or modifications to the storage unit or attach any fixtures or signs in or about the unit without the written consent of Lessor; 

(3) that Lessee will not conduct any business or commercial transactions in or about the storage unit; 

(4) that Lessee grants Lessor permission to enter the storage unit at any time for the purpose of removing and disposing of any property kept in violation of any of the provisions contained herein. 

C. It is expressly agreed by Lessee that the rent and other charges provided for in this lease shall be a first lien on the personal property kept by Lessee in the storage unit, and Lessee grants to Lessor a security interest in such property and its proceeds to help secure the rent and other charges; Lessee agrees that if he fails to pay the rent when due or to vacate the storage unit upon the expiration of the term of this lease, Lessor shall have, and is hereby granted, the following rights in addition to any rights or remedies granted the Lessor by law: 

(1) To break and remove any lock belonging to Lessee on a door to a storage unit, to inspect the contents thereof and to place a lock of Lessor upon each storage unit until the contents thereof are disposed of by Lessor in the manner hereinafter provided. 

(2) To dispose of the contents of the storage unit by private or public sale upon such terms and conditions as the Lessor may deem fit, provided, that Lessor shall notify Lessee in writing that possession has been taken of the contents of the storage unit and shall be disposed of on a date to be specified in said notice. The proceeds of the disposition of the contents of the storage unit shall first be applied to pay Lessor’s reasonable expenses in arranging for the disposition of such contents, then to the payment of any rental payments due Lessor, and the balance, if any, shall be refunded to Lessee upon demand, provided, that Lessor shall be under no duty or obligation to dispose of the contents of the storage unit for any amount of money in excess of that necessary to pay the reasonable costs of arranging for the disposition of contents and any rental due Lessor.

(3) To dispose of any contents of the storage unit which consist of personal property or goods which the Lessor considers to have no dollar value, including the destruction, donation or retention of such personal property or goods. 

(4) Lessee agrees to pay all costs and expenses, including attorney’s fees and reasonable service fees of tenant in enforcing the terms of this lease.

(5) Lessee waives any claims either its heirs, successors, heirs or assigns may have as a result of any action taken by Lessor to collect the rent or other charges due under the terms of this lease and Lessee agrees to defend and hold Lessor harmless against any claims by any other party having an interest in the personal property kept in the storage unit. 

D. Lessee may not assign this lease or any part of it and may not let or sublet the whole or any portion of the storage unit without prior written consent of Lessor. 

E. Lessor may at any time assign this lease, in which event Lessor shall no longer be responsible or liable under the terms of this lease and all the covenants, conditions and obligations of Lessor will be binding on its assignee and its assignee will be entitled to enforce all provisions of this lease, as well as the obligations of Lessee, against Lessee. 

F. In the event Lessee shall hold over and retain possession of said premises after the expiration of this lease, Lessee’s occupancy of the storage unit shall be as a tenant from month to month, and all of covenants and conditions contained herein shall continue in full force and effect so long as Lessee holds over and retains possession of said premises.

G. A breach of any of the foregoing covenants and conditions by Lessee, shall at the option of Lessor, terminate this lease and said lease shall become null and void.

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